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Living up to its name as the Sunshine State, Florida has a hot-long summer that makes air conditioning a must-have.

From nice winters to post-card-worthy beaches, the state surely has its perks but summer is a hot and scorching season with temps rising year to year, making A/C essential to its residents that want to stay cool and comfy during the scorching season.

Being cool at home is not the only perk of using an quality air conditioning service in Port Charlotte as A/C also helps combat mold, humidity, and damage to your home or office. Follow us below as we show why A/C is essential for those living in this hot and humid state that has one of the hottest seasons in the country.

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AC repair

In the event your air conditioning unit stops working as it should, conditions in the house can swiftly get dire, and most so during the hot summer months Port Charlotte is well known for.

Needless to say, if your AC unit starts to falter or mishap, it would give peace of mind to have a service at your side you can trust to fix it.

Why is my house AC blowing warm air? Several factors could be causing your ac to malfunction and fail to produce cold air. These issues may stem from clogs, electrical issues, insufficient refrigerant levels, problems with the evaporator coil, or malfunctions in the compressor.

What are the benefits of having air conditioning in Port Charlotte?

Having air conditioning in Port Charlotte offers several benefits. It helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, improves air quality by filtering out pollutants and allergens, reduces humidity levels, promotes better sleep and productivity, and provides relief from the hot and humid climate.

To start, living with no hvac system is unbearable and makes for unlivable home temps that are too hot to live in as an outside temp of ninety degrees can cause a non-air-conditioned home to reach ten degrees hotter, which is why HVAC services in Port Charlotte are in such need and high demand.

A/C on wall Another reason A/C is essential is it lowers humidity levels in the home and makes the space livable. If you have no A/C, heat and moisture rises and create conditions for mold to form and grow.

Even for those that do not mind the heat, heat in Florida has lots of moisture so if the A/C is not running in even a new or well-sealed household, indoor temps, humidity levels and indoor air quality can be quite high and unbearable.

Moisture forges the ideal breeding ground for mold, and even a clean home with no cool air or way to rid humidity can fall victim to mold growth in places you are unable to even see, like in ducts or behind tile and walls.

air conditioning systemAreas more prone to humidity, like a bathroom, are likelier to see the onset of mold that often forms in corners where walls and ceilings meet. Dark rooms and spaces also help mold form when A/C is not on, and since most leave lights off in rooms that aren’t occupied, air conditioning is a need and not a luxury.

AC Installation and Replacement

In the event your A/C unit stops working as it should, conditions in the household can swiftly get dire, and most so during the hot summer months Port Charlotte is well known for (this year (2023) is a record-breaking one).

If you feel things are off, and if your home is not as cool as it once was even when set to the same temp, it may be time to have the air conditioning cleaned, treated, or replace altogether.

air conditionersYou can rid the hassle and guesswork with the help of our A/C techs that can inspect your unit to see if you need a repair, tune-up, or replacement. No matter the case, we can help with a unit that takes your needs, budget, and home size into account so you receive one that checks all your marks and requests.

Installing a new A/C unit involves four main steps, including the:

  1. Removal of your current cooling system, the old unit is removed with care to ensure no damage to the yard or household is done, debris is picked up and discarded for you too, including the old unit. With the new unit installed, an inspection of your home, air ducts, and cooling infrastructure will take place to find any leaks or issues that may be present, which is done to ensure unit performance.
  2. Install new air conditioning system, with the old unit gone, the installation of the new one can begin. In some cases, new piping, electrical work, or ductwork connections are needed, which varies on if the new one has the same hookups as the old one. During this phase, electrical connections are tested, and refrigerant is added to meet manufacturer suggestions. Once done, our tech will test the unit, answer any questions you have and leave you to enjoy your cool and comfy, t-shirt-ready home.
  3. Install thermostat, new A/C units often come bundled with a new thermostat which we can put up once the set-up of the new unit is done. In the event you want to use your old with the new unit, we can make that happen and ensure it works just as it did with the old one.
  4. air conditioning contractorsFinal once-over review, with the unit and thermostat installed, a final check and inspection will be done with a brief on cleaning or maintenance you may need to do. You may also schedule us to come service your A/C system, which is great for those not having the time or knowledge to.

If your home feels more like a furnace than a place of peace and comfort, a new air conditioner system is likely due.

Get the best at your side and entrust our team of AC repair and install specialists that can tackle the job, the only regret you and your household will have will be wishing you had us come out sooner than you have.

Issues to Follow Improper A/C Installation

AC installation is best done by professionals who know the ins and outs of the process as one that is not properly installed can cause a range of costly and hassling risks in your residence, including:

  • Unevenly cooled living spaces
  • Poor air quality and cooling
  • Higher operational noise
  • Increased fire hazard

A/C Maintenance

Air Conditioning Repair Tips

ac serviceWindow and central air units serve us and our home best when cared for and maintained, and in southwest Florida area (North Port , Punta Gorda, Charlotte county), where daily summer temps can average ninety-five degrees or more, it is essential to maintain your unit so it can keep you cool and combat brutal heat waves.

Conduct Yearly A/C Servicing

Our team of A/C repair and installation experts offer clients an annual and convenient cleaning service where we arrive to your home or office to clean, service, and assess your unit to make sure it is ready to keep you cool for the season to come.

We check over each and every area of the unit to ensure no issues are present, during our visit we also:

• Duct cleaning.

• Small heat pump repair.

• Clean and inspect coils.

• Replace and adjust belts.

• Clean and replace filters.

• Inspect safeties and controls.

• Lubricate bearings and motors.

• Clean and assess fans and blowers.

• Check to ensure normal running temps.

• Review pressures and refrigerant levels.

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